1473 South Pioneer Road, STE: B
SLC, UT 84104

What we do...
We are Fleet Part and Liting Company - 
We specialize in brakes from Classic Cars to Cranes to Tractor and Trailers.

We have electrical connections and a great selection of Lighting, Chemicals and Oil's, Suspension, Valves, Trailer Parts & Axles and more...

When you need that extra bit of expertise in any of these fields that's when we show our best. We will always leave you closer to achieving your project or work, by the end of your contact with us.

When that Model T or that Tractor Trailer needs some parts and some love give us a call - 801-972-9700.

(Actual Customer photo) Customers send us pics when they are to far to travel! We get to work the same way as if you were here.

"Now get back to work" Carl Hansen

Created By Chase Hansen, July/2015